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GUAJILLO FILMS is an award-winning production company and creative content agency that offers film production services all around the world. We are known for providing a wide catalogue of services to production companies that are interested in shooting their projects in Spain and Portugal. Our Enterprise provides professional crew and equipment from our own motion picture camera and lighting rental house to the film and TV industry in Spain. Our inventory includes the latest digital film cameras and lenses, lighting, grip, studios, location services, casting and all the production services you could need for your project.




Camara rental and_location services in M

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Guajillo Films is a consolidated service production company with central offices in Malaga, Sevilla and Cadiz in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal and Lyon in France. Producing since 2012, we are an experienced company, trustable, always trying to keep ourselves up-to-date.

Whether you have an intimate documentary production or a bigger commercial shoot, Guajillo Films is your gateway to have a great shooting in Malaga, Sevilla, Cadiz or wherever you have chosen to shoot in Spain or Portugal.

We can get close enough to offer a custom service and yet experienced enough to handle a feature film shoot or an advertising shoot. Please have a look around our website, and get in touch if you have any further questions.


Sony FS5, lighting rental and streaming
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